How did we get here?


Emma Croxford l Reporter 

Evolution is a process where a species evolves or changes over time due to its environment or surroundings. Scientists refer to evolution as a theory. In science, a theory is made with high levels of certainty to it being true. The theory of evolution was developed by many scientists with many studies, facts, and evidence about humans evolving. 

To understand evolution it is good to know what natural selection is. Natural selection is when there are lots of offspring produced but only the ones that have the best qualities to survive will survive. This is called survival of the fittest. The animals with the fittest qualities for the environment around them will survive and the ones less fit end up dying or not getting the chance to reproduce. The animals that do survive and reproduce give their good traits to their offspring, spiking their level of survival as well. As an environment changes the animals will adapt and change slowly over time as well. 

The evolution of humans is the idea that humans evolved from apelike ancestors. Over several million years apes developed the ability to walk on legs, make and use tools, and even communicate in languages. So much of human abilities have recently been developed over the past 100,000 years. Those things include art and culture. It is said that humans first evolved in Africa around 2 million years ago. The evolution of humans happened over long periods of time and made us who we are today. 

How does evolution clash with religion? Although many people who practice religion don’t see religion and evolution as opposing subjects it is an argument that can be seen as troublesome. People often think that belief in evolution goes against their beliefs. Looking at the situation of how people came to be from a religious standpoint is to believe we were put on earth by a creator while evolution says we got here by evolving over time. People often believe in both. Having religious beliefs and still believing in the science of how people came to be.

The process of evolving is long and takes many million years in the case of humans. Humans are still currently evolving to this day. People are still changing due to their environment, culture, and conditions. Knowing how humans came to be gives a greater understanding of who humans are, how humans got here, and why humans act the way they do.