Seniors And Graduation



With the end of the school year barreling towards us, the class of 2023 have already graduated. With those that still have a few more years until they graduate, it leaves underclassmen to wonder how graduation goes. Many may also wonder what the seniors get to, or have to do before graduating. This could be from the senior trip to the various pranks that the seniors may be plotting. Seniors are also much more attentive to their grades, making sure that they are passing to ensure that they will graduate.


By the end of the school year seniors may partake in activities such as senior pranks, senior skip day, senior t-shirts, senior trips, senior sleep-out, or even yearbook ads. With the seniors graduating on May 24th of this year, they are doing as much as they can. These are all their last efforts to get as much fulfillment out of their last year of their high school career as possible. On May 15th, a prank pulled by a small few, was parking on the grassed area next to the flagpole. Officer Hummer advised students that if their vehicles were not moved, they would be towed. Moments later, Officer Hummer told the school through the intercom that cars were being towed.  


During the Senior graduation ceremony, the Skyline Orchestra and Band will be playing the Star Spangled Banner along with Pomp and Circumstance. With many seniors walking out of high school it leaves juniors to fill those spots. Carter Drake, a current Junior, is very excited for his senior year. He plans on taking advantage of all of the special opportunities the classes that Skyline provides. Carter also says he has the next few years of his life planned out, which will lead toward the path of orthodontics. After high school Carter plans on going to Brigham Young University, then make his way to Roseman University. Some advice Carter posed for incoming freshmen is to, ¨Study hard and stay on top of your grades because the end of the year sneaks up on you.¨


Sometimes it can be hard to come up with ways to do as many things as one can as a senior. That is why schools have senior advisors who are responsible for advising activities of the senior class. These advisors make fun activities for seniors to do possible. These senior advisors make the senior classes last year more enjoyable and fun before they leave high school. Senior advisor, Mr. Wilcox, informs that the role of senior advisor is really in place to help students be more organized. The student government was also incredibly helpful to Mr. Wilcox. Some helpful advice for students Mr. Wilcox bestowed unto us was, “Don’t do homework at home. Go to a coffee shop or the library. There are all kinds of distractions at home.” A way students can do better in school is to be involved with more things like clubs. It will give a sense of fulfillment from one’s school year. This also provides students a chance to make more friends or build on friendships already created. Mr. Wilcox illustrates that when seniors end up leaving it can be sad. After creating a relationship with these students all year it can be sad to see them go, but everyone at Skyline wishes them luck as they progress through life.