Donald Trump’s Trial

  1. Jean Carroll testified in court, Donald Trump had alleged rape her by going into detail where it had occurred. Carroll in detail explains about her account of the alleged rape, her response at the time, and her behavior in the decades since. She stated that Trump raped her in a dressing room in the lingerie department on the sixth floor.

According to the court, since there are no third-party eyewitnesses and no physical evidence, Carroll’s case hinges on whether the jury finds her credible. One of the two people whom Carroll says she told contemporaneously, Birnbach helped undercut Trump’s contention that Carroll made up the incident. 

As a response to Martin, Carroll came to her a day or two after the alleged incident and told her about it. “She said, ‘Trump attacked me.’”

Carroll accused Trump of having a habit of sexually assaulting women. With keeping quiet, Carroll knew no one would believe her and that she would lose her good reputation, “Nobody looked at me the same. It was gone. Even people who knew me looked at me with pity in their eyes, and the people who had no opinion thought I was a liar and hated me,” she said. And due to the fact before Carroll would go against taking any steps in response to the incident “because it was Donald Trump and he had a lot of attorneys and he would bury her.” 

Court had stated however, remarks early last week that would show that Carroll and her friends conspired to falsely accuse Trump because they “hate” him for winning the 2016 election.

It seems a bit out of character on the way she would bring it up now, due to not having enough evidence to be able to have the case go any further. 

Carroll is still trying her best to get her justice, Donald Trump now is in court face to face with each other talking about the attack.