The Unknown, “Loving Mother”

The Unknown, Loving Mother

Emily Soto, Reporter

A mother will do anything for her kids, but on the other hand sometimes it’s not the best for you. Lori Vallow Daybell, was known as a “kind, loving mother to her children.” A mother accused of being guilty in the triple murder of her two youngest children and her ex-husband. Stated by court papers she used money, power, and sex to get what she wanted with many conspiracies that involved the murders committed. With a second view of a trial held for her husband Chad Daybell, who was also accused in the murders, Vallow and Daybell both have pleaded not guilty.


 Lori’s ex-husband, Charles Vallow, followed Lori to see Tylee in Arizona before the children went missing. This led to an incident with Charles being shot by her brother Alex Cox in Chandler, Arizona of July 11, 2019 listed as known for self-defense. Lori Vallow then ran off and married Chad Daybell in Hawaii days after Tammy died. Vallow brought a green maliki ring when Chad’s ex wife Tammy was still alive due to trying to gain power with Chad while stealing his ex-wife’s social security funds and insurance money.


Joining the religious group known as “Latter-Day Saints¨ completely changed Vallow, and her beliefs to where she was identifying her children as “evil spirits.¨ According to court papers Vallow’s friend states Lori often called J.J. a “Zombie.” She talked about an Abraham and Isaac storyline giving a clear understanding about how Abraham is going to sacrifice his son to keep his faith. Given the fact “that god always had a plan” with putting a test to faith.


Lori Vallow’s oldest son Colby stated, “My mom spent her whole life protecting us kids.” In the documentary The Sins of Our Mother, Vallow was recorded on call with her oldest son, he was saying to her, “You’re not the same mom I know, not the one that raised me to understand Jesus. I hope that you turn your heart to True Christ and come back from whatever this is.” Lori Vallow had stated the well-being of the kids by saying, “The kids are fine you know what kind of mother I am, I would never hurt the kids, they are in a safe place.¨  The court’s response was, ¨She suffers from delusions and suffering from mental illness and she didn’t know what she was doing.” Towards the end of the call Colby had said, “J.J and Tylee were happy and all would become clear in the afterlife.” After months of searching for the children they eventually were found, buried in a shallow grave on their step dad’s property in Idaho. Anthropologists confirmed both bodies’ remains appeared to be non-adult humans which were positively identified as Tylee and J.J.. Chad, and Lori Vallow today face up to a penalty of life in prison without parole due to charges of concealment of human remains, desertion, and non-support of dependent children and resisting, or obstructing officers, etc. According to police records, J.J. was found with duct tape all around his face, hands, and feet covered in trash bags and soaked of body decomposition in his red pajamas having his night diaper still on. Later found on the property were the remains of his sister Tylee, who was burnt and buried with many of her body parts scattered all over. The rest of her remains found next to a fire pit surrounded by charred tissue bone in the pet cemetery.  With this case still on-going, one can ask if she actually brutally murdered her own children.


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