The Impact Social Media Has On Us

The Impact Social Media Has On Us

Social Media has evolved and been a big part of our lives since 1997, when they became widespread. Throughout the years and generations, social media has had a great impact on society and social lives, developing into the main source of information for a huge percentage of the world’s population. People’s opinions are being influenced with choices and beliefs on every topic imaginable, with sorts of cause and effects. 


There are many issues in social media with creating a world on the web as a “free space” and the impact of social media has gone from being an entertaining extra, to a fully integrated part of nearly every aspect of daily life for many. “It’s not like a power or water where all people care about it whether it works.” according to “The Impact of Social Media: Is It Irreplaceable?” 

The positive opinions of social media include building relationships and staying connected with friends and family who may be miles away. With social media, people offer support in many ways, such as help with funeral expenses, setting up a gofundme, homelessness, or a place to stay the night. Showing kindness or empathy on social media, many people have connected minds or share similar insecurities. 


Social Media erosion of the truth and destruction of empathy. It’s a tendency to make people very unhappy with creating a lower self – esteem, great insecurities. Becoming a dark place for teens to have a societal impact on a lifestyle in young lives. Social media use causes great stress and could be harmful to mental health. This is mainly done through cyberbullying. 


According to,, “studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increase risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts.” Therefore, cyberbullying through social media has become different. It is not necessarily “old school” bullying, the use of violence a peer, but it still commits severe harm. “New Jersey a 14 year-old girl named Adriana Kuch had committed suicide due to after a video shows other girls beating her up”, stated by Steinbuch, Yaron. “New Jersey Girl, 14, Takes Her Own Life after Video Shows Other Girls Beating Her Up.


However, I believe that Social Media has changed many ways in how people think and believe, influencing each other on doing better or wrong the less use of a protest or conflicts, the way the news is showed, at times it can be difficult for someone to be nice to a person or give a person a simple complement.


Social media most creates a form of jealous for teens or adults with wanting other features to feel as beautiful as them and what’s going on in everyone’s lives. With it  being a big part of our lives, we face each other on one another insecurities even putting people down, expressing the way we feel as humans and a different perspective through one’s eyes.


According to Cristopher a student at Skyline Highschool 2023, was asked how has social media impacted you? Stating “ being able to communicate with people within a distance and expressing yourself with a billion of people”. The way society would change social media would be “ harder to communicate with others and interact with others”. The pro’s of social media, are “able to talk to friends and family from a far and being able to interact with other through the screen” said by the student and able to adversit some thing you like or do,” A con for having social media would be “cyberbullying is a thing” Without social media would there be better communication or getting to know people better. He commented “communication would be bad, because you have to create a bond with someone with spending time with them, communication would be very hard trying to really understand the person all within.” finally If you could have chosen weather social media was invented? He stated “No” Lastly a change you would like in social media, “cyberbullying.”


My ideal point, Social media has it’s great effects with millions of minds all over the world and the way they feel towards something or someone’s life, where its’s not always “sunshine and rainbows.” not a good place to put yourself even to make fun of someone just to feel better, social media is also another way we get our news and how we can better our environment to make others feel safe and a way we can communicate with each other, growing a bond or even the starting of relationships connecting with someone to grow old with. Learning new skills for example on how to do your make up and ways to do your hair to fit in a certain expectation on style or lifestyle, improving self – esteem or insecurities.