Addams Family Musical

Addams Family Musical

Geny Shaw, Reporter

Geny Shaw | Reporter


 The Addams family is already known for their strange acts and their shared immunity to dangerous things. The Addams Family is based off of a cartoonist named Charles Addams. Charles Addams is known for his dark, humorous cartoons. Some of his characters in The Addams Family became famous and favored by viewers nation-wide and were subsequently popularized through various adaptations. The story behind The Addams Family was made for Halloween. This was not only made for the spookiness, but also skillfully done in comedy and romance. 


The reason for the musical was to teach a lesson of not only the importance of a relationship, but also the importance of being honest while in a relationship. Wednesday met a boy and fell in love. She was hesitant to tell her dad at first but Gomez understood Wednesday. They decided to keep it a secret from Morticia until after the dinner they had planned. Morticia figured something was up and had soon found out about the secret they were keeping. She was upset and made a “scene” that became one of the pivotal acts of the musical. When Gomez and Wednesday kept the marriage secret, she grew furious after realizing what they were hiding from her.


There were many motifs and themes that were similar to the movies, but they kind of twisted it a bit. The game they played after the dinner, for instance. There were just a lot of true lessons that were important to the movie and in the real world. An example of a lesson that was in the musical was, ¨ treat your partner like your best friend.¨ The similarities in the musical and the movies were the characters and their personalities. This musical was incredible and just amazing.