Gas Leak At Skyline High School


There was a gas leak at Skyline High School two years in a row. The first gas leak happened on January 27, 2022 at 10:16 a.m. The second time it happened was on January 27, 2023 at 1:45 p.m. The same day, just different hours that the event happened. All the students from Skyline went to Eagle Rock Middle School, then got sent home for the day. No one was injured or felt sick. The apparent cause of the gas leak stemmed from the snow and the weather

The CO levels were never life-threatening but parts of the school were life-threatening. Everyone evacuated out of the school cafeteria entrance and went to Eagle Rock Middle School gym. They had fixed everything that night before the basketball game started. The second time it happened, there was a gas leak at the front of the school and it happened because the snow plow hit one of the gas mains. The fire department was called and faculty swiftly evacuated everyone out of the building and into Eagle Rock’s gym.

Everyone went into the gym and sat down, where the principal let everyone go one at a time. The people who walked home got sent out first. The people who drove got released next, but had to prove that they had a car by showing an administrator their keys. The people who got picked up had to call one of their family members, or the family members had to go to the main office and they had to tell you that you are getting picked up. For the people that had to ride the bus, they had to wait for the transportation to get to Eagle Rock. The parents received an email saying what happened at Skyline and how everyone evacuated and went to Eagle Rock. Saturday morning people went to the school and picked up everything that got left behind on Friday.Let’s hope this doesn’t happen next year on the same day.