Let’s Talk Potholes

 Lets Talk Potholes

Editor-in-chief | Connor Schmidt


The roads all over east Idaho have been filled over and over again. Some get filled at least once a week, which is causing issues – be it construction, travel, or anything regarding the roads. There are tons of roads that need to be fixed but the city keeps pouring money into this. It’s filled pothole after pothole and the city is pouring so much into this. 


This is a big problem. These potholes that get filled over and over again are getting bigger and more numerous. This causes lots of problems with cars as it can damage them and wear out certain parts of the car. The potholes are deep enough in most places around Idaho to make things fall off or out of the bed of trucks, causing hazards for other drivers. 


These potholes are only on main roads and the worst part is that they cause problems for emergency services such as slowing down police, ambulances, and firetrucks. These services are racing toward the problem at high speeds. This leaves the driver little to no time to react to them so they go over the potholes. If there is someone in the back in the back of an ambulance in critical condition, the bumps can make things worse. EMTs in the back may also cause them to make mistakes while working on the patient in the back.


These potholes also have the potential to cause crashes due to the little amount of parking spaces in communities. People park on the street and on the smaller roads people swerve away from the parked car and into the oncoming lane. If there was someone in said lane it could be devastating.


On the east idaho news article about the weather causing the potholes, there are multiple people making comments that make a good point on the article here are a few: 


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Carla TenEyck

How about they start building the roads to match the local climate and soil conditions .instead of going  with the same shoddy contnstruction companies..the technology and know-how has been around for decades …oh never mind ..that would mean we could save money in the long run and these companies would loose the opportunity to re pave the same roads every year or two and make millions …


Durak Ironhyde

Its not only the shoddy road work, it’s because IF and Ammon allows the contractors to cut up existing roads and just throw a patch on it without any grading or inspections. Next season rolls by and they always have issues with the same patches of road and they never fix them.