Fight Breaks Out at Idaho Fair and Causes Chaos.


MiaLynn Priest, Reporter 2022


A fight broke out at the Western Idaho Fair and ended with injured 16 and 18 year olds. The young adult had received a stab wound whilst the 16 year old had managed to receive a seemingly self-inflicted gunshot wound. 


The very first fair fight broke the record of 125 years of peace since it was first set up. It took place on August 27th, 9:45 at 5610 Glenwood St. in Garden City. The conflict occurred specifically in the parking lot closest to the rides and caused an 18 year-old to be stabbed in the elbow. Officers had first taken notice of him when his shirt appeared to be missing from his chest but was instead placed on his wound. 


This raised alarm for the officers and they made sure to keep a close eye on the male but was yet to interact with him. They also witnessed a group of people, including the two victims, appearing to be running elsewhere. This group was soon said to be heading towards Glenwood Drive before the 16 year-old ended up getting shot by his own bullet.

 Luckily, the teenager was quickly treated, which led to the 18 year old’s disappearance. He was soon located and treated for his wound as well. Officers are still trying to figure out how the fight was caused in the first place and how the 16 year-old had managed to accidentally shoot himself. 


This incident caused the parking lot and fair to be closed for longer than an hour. Officers didn’t want the one with the weapon to just leave and potentially cause more injuries to others. Yet because of the denial of entry and departure, bystanders experienced extreme confusion. Nobody was arrested and some of the individuals within the running group from before were located. Police ask any eyewitnesses of the scene to please contact them about any information they may find useful to this case.