Further Information Releases amid Gas Leak at Skyline.

Image of an IFPD vehicle on Pancherri Drive. Taken at 10:00 am. By Diamond Garcia.

On January 27th, 2022 at approximately 9:45 am, teachers in the 200 halls noticed the smell of gas. The school’s maintenance crew responded to the situation and detected higher than normal Carbon Monoxide levels. The levels were not life-threatening, but in parts of the school, they were high enough to cause concern that students and/or staff may get sick. School administrators evacuated students and staff to the gymnasium, and then to Eagle Rock Middle School. Classes were then canceled, and students were sent home. After extensive investigation, it was determined the issue was related to a broken vent in the heating system exhaust, which caused it to bring Carbon Monoxide back into the building. Maintenance began the process of repairing the system. Increased levels were never detected in the gymnasium so the basketball game scheduled that night was held. 


Many students that day speculated that a possible bomb threat was made. After confirming with the IFPD and Idaho Falls School District 91 regarding this matter, it has been determined that these speculations and rumors are unfounded. There was no bomb threat that law enforcement is aware of. If any student or person has knowledge of a threat they are advised to report that information to school officials immediately. Information such as false rumors has serious implications for the parties involved. Please keep in mind that claims similar to this cannot be discussed on social media or other messaging platforms.