The Nutcracker

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Itzel Vega, Reporter

The Nutcracker was a good ballet to watch at the Colonial Theater. They danced pretty well, casting ages 3 and up to do the performance. My favorite part was the mouse theme because the little baby mice were the spotlight of the show. They were so cute. Other than that they did really amazing! They had amazing costumes, little mistakes in the dances but practice makes perfect. The music was nice, everyone in the ballet did great with their footwork. There were a decent amount of people, some of the dances were spot on, it’s so cool how they can do that for hours, the ladies’ makeup was really cute, their hair was pretty also, they danced pretty well too. I really still think that last year was a bit better than this year. 2021 costumes were a bit better than last years. I really do want to give credit to all the dancers from Saturday. They worked and practiced really hard for their big night, they were probably so tired after all those dances. They did really well no matter what! The little kids were so cute, especially the mouse dance. They were so adorable. Give credit to them too. They worked hard too. I really hope next year is amazing like this year’s one, or maybe even better, who knows. But I’m really looking forward to next year’s one. This is also why Christmas is an amazing holiday because it’s so pretty with all the music and colors and everyone giving Christmas spirit, or so I hope. Again the show was really amazing, they worked so hard, looking forward to next year’s one. Hope everyone has a good Christmas and a happy holiday season.