What is the Hype About Squid Games?


Kolby Jensen, Reporter

Squid Games is a show that originated in South Korea. It’s a show that leaves a message about picking on the poor, depicted in a graphic manner, for the amusement of a select few. Based on everything that I have found, people interested in this series are just talking about the games or trying them for themselves. Although no one talks about how the movie is literally about. The main idea is that the rich are always picking on the poor and killing them, using money to lure them in. 


The start of the series shows the daily life of the main character as most movies do. It is quickly established why he is poor and how desperate he becomes. The issue is that he has a major gambling problem.  This is shown in the trailer, along with him playing a game to win the money. This leads to him being “scouted” to participate in the Squid Games in which he is blindfolded and kidnapped to an unknown destination. 


More than 111 million people have watched Squid Games; well, at least the first episode. and the views on the second episode are just 110 million. Toward the last four episodes they are down by half that many in viewership. Is this because they simply did not like the show, or did they find the theme of the rich preying on the poor, and its execution, too disturbing?

All the hype seems like it is just a meme; they didn’t watch the series, they just paid attention to the games that were shown and to be a part of the hype. Many wanted to say they watched it when they probably stopped after the games ended. The show is great but it’s not the best in the world, but there are better options for suspenseful television.  When the viewership drops, do you think Squid Games season two (coming out in July 2023,) will be as successful as the first season?  Will it get 100 million views with mixed ratings and view drops?