Ms. Martin

     Heather Martin is the new Newspaper and Sophomore English teacher this school year. She came to Skyline at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year and has made friends with the other English teachers, and several of the students.  Ms. Martin was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but her family was always moving around. She lived in Alaska, as well as many other places in the country. In all, she attended 4 different elementary schools, 4 different middle schools, and 3 different high schools. However, she says, “I like to say I’m from Vegas because I lived there for a good decade; it’s where I came of age,  it’s the town I know the best, I went to college there, and all my friends are there.” 

     Martin’s first degree was in film, from UNLV, Las Vegas, and worked in casinos for 10 years after receiving that degree. Her second degree was in English, from Georgia. Martin says “I’m a 5th generation teacher in my family so it felt natural to go into it. I moved to Idaho because I lived here briefly and have a lot of family here. I was going to just visit Idaho.. but liked it so much I stayed here… despite the winters.” 

     Martin loves to cook, go for long drives, read and go to the movies. Her favorite book is “The Lover” by Marguerite Duras but she is also a fan of Oscar Wilde. Her favorite movie to watch is Good Fellas, 1990, directed by Martin Scorsese. She loves working here with the students and staff and hopes she can continue to have a good time teaching English, and Newspaper.