Carnival at The Seminary Building

By this time it’s pretty normal to hear me talk about stuff that happens in the Seminary building during lunch, because there are some interesting things that happen at the Seminary building, whether it’s veggie straws in the microwave, someone bringing a taser, or finding a car tire in the creek and rolling it around on the bridge and down the stairs of the bridge. However, what happened recently was a little more crazy and weird. There was basically a carnival at the Seminary building, and today I’m gonna tell you what happened that day at lunch.

First thing I remember seeing was a drum set and an electric guitar around the parking lot and these two guys were rocking out. Next, I went out to the back of the Seminary building to find that someone was carrying a machete and with it they were cutting oranges. Soon after that a girl came down the dirt road on a horse and some of the kids went over to pet it. Some kids were throwing a Frisbee around while the group I was in was throwing water at each other. One kid then came out wearing a hockey mask, a golf bag with some golf clubs, a stick, and a plastic baseball bat. It was a very crazy, fun, and weird lunch that day and I sure hope that we get more days like this in the future.

One big reason why I have told these stories is because I want more people to see that eating lunch at the Seminary building can be fun and also to show people that at lunch we’re not just constantly preaching the gospel to people who don’t take Seminary, and that we welcome anyone. I sure hope that more people can respect members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and not talk crap on us just because of what we believe.