Mr.Skyline: The Results Are In!

Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor

All hands were on deck as we all settled up for the 2021 Mr.Skyline, cowboy themed, event that happened this year. Now because of Covid-19 skyline never got to see the 2020 edition, and because of the restrictions in place this year it was changed to an after school activity rather than an in-school assembly so that all the Covid-19 restrictions could be met. But this didn’t make it any different in what was going to happen, all of us boy’s had to undergo a week long training of cheer and tumble training, dance choreography, getting our timing perfectly (which we never did get right) and finally being witty and funny. 

We had plenty of support and help from our cheerleaders that helped to keep us all from dropping each other and to encourage us the entire way while all of us boy’s put in our maximum effort, encouraged one another and helped each other the entire time. Practice started at 6:30 where we would go over our dance routine and then work on our stunts, we had to make sure that we could quickly and efficiently do our stunts to the music that was going to be playing, which we were not allowed to know until the day of Mr.Skyline which turned out to be “Badonkadonk” by Trace Adkins. 

Once we had all of the stunts and dancing done we had to rehearse and come up with our talent, our pickup line, or ‘Bios’ and prep for our random audience question that ranged from ‘What is your favorite song and why?’ to ‘Perfectly recite the school song’.  We made sure that we were going to be the funniest, loudest, goofy-est bunch of cowboy wanna be’s that we could be.

Finally Thursday came in a flash and we found ourselves huddled in a locker room yelling and chatting that we all were going to do great and be the best, then we were all led out of the locker rooms where a large audience had gathered to watch, we all did our stunts and our dance. The easy part, shaking and smacking our butts, was now behind us, we all went out one by one and did our ‘talents’, then we all were escorted by the lovely senior cheerleaders as Mrs.Ashby read our bios, from there we would pose and say our cheesy pickup lines and wait in terror as we were judged and waiting for the questions to come. 

The winner was announced, right after the runner up that is…the runner up being Jeremy Malmo and the winner of Mr.Skyline being, Caleb Hanson where he earned all sorts of prizes, including two free tickets to prom, professional pictures taken with his date to prom, free drinks to pick me up, free ice cream at Reed’s Dairy, a free tuxedo rental and so much more. All of us boy’s won a free gift coupon to either Reed’s dairy, Wendy’s or Pick me up, but I think that we were all glad that it was over in a sense that we all had fun and could look back on it and laugh at our performances this year. Knowing that we had big shoes to fill after it skipping a year, and knowing we all did it well.