Morrison’s Menu: Good Sushi


Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor

This month is a bit of an odd one as I wanted to do something themed around Easter, but the only really good or abnormal thing I usually eat on Easter is potato salad, most recipes out there contain whole eggs which I am allergic to. So I decided to go out of the box this month. Now I love good sushi but hate to pay anywhere from $15-20 for a snack, and this is usually what you see when you go to a restaurant that has sushi, but it occurred to me after talking to a good friend of mine that also loves sushi that the one place that I usually go to get my sushi fix, most people don’t even know about or don’t know really how good it is.

 There are two places that I go for good sushi, that is either Albertsons or Fred Myers. Each roll there is different in its own little way, you can just walk up and grab a roll or two, pay and take it home to eat. They range from the most basic California roll which is one of my favorites that they make that is so good for roughly $6 after taxes, all the way to the “Chef sampler A (or B)” that usually features some tuna, salmon and shrimp slices all laid out on some sushi which it mostly between $17 or $19 and that is the really fancy platters that can fill one big guy like me up for a while or makes a good sharing portion.

 Now usually I go with a Crunchy dragon roll which is a sushi roll that has crab (or shrimp depending on which one you get) a little bit of avocado and cucumber which I hate and 10/10 can never taste in the roll, it just helps to give it a good crunch when you bit into the roll. From there it gets a bit of spicy mayo which really isn’t too spicy, ‘dragon sauce’ which is so hard to explain what it is made of, but trust me it’s like liquid gold! And crunchy onions on top, that plus a classic California roll costs about $15 and fills me up, and makes me happy for a few hours.