Brett Taylor, Long Time Grizzly

kali j, reporter

     Mr. Taylor grew up here in Idaho Falls, and attended Skyline High School, where Coach Berger, Coach Schmidt, and Marco were all teaching at the time, as they are still here. After graduating, planning to be a teacher, Mr. Taylor went to school studying social studies at Rick’s College for one year and then Idaho State University to finish up his bachelor’s degree. After teaching at Emerson High School for 8 years, Taylor became a teacher here, at SHS. For 9 years he has enjoyed being able to teach here because of the students and the relationships he builds with them. With this, he said, “ I don’t know that I really dislike anything, but if I had to, I’d say when students and people complain too much.” Taylor teaches 4 different subjects, his favorite being AP Gov, because there are higher level conversations, and it’s a faster pace. “Although, I also like the change of pace where I get to teach multiple subjects.” But, if he were to change his profession, he would want to coach either a college or professional team. Outside of school, he enjoys boating, watching movies, playing sports, and watching sports.