John Start Running for Supreme Leader of Skyline

For those of you who don’t know John Start, he is one of the funniest and one of the weirdest Juniors you’d ever meet. He has done weird things in the past, whether it’s saying that we should have a monkey as a class pet or being called Sister John, one of the funniest, weirdest, and most epic things he has done yet is running for Supreme Leader of Skyline High School. Today I am gonna talk about that, John Start running for Supreme Leader of Skyline, and how he tried to do so.

About a week before the elections, John had told us of this idea of running for Supreme Leader, and when he told us we laughed and thought it was a good joke, little did we know that it wasn’t a joke. John’s usually the person who always tells a joke in class or has a little funny John comment, but he wasn’t kidding here.

Then on Election Week, posters for John to become Supreme Leader were around the lunch room, and at lunch that day, John gave a full on speech to the school telling them why they should vote for him to be Supreme Leader of Skyline, he had a microphone, fancy suit, and everything. Eventually he was told to stop, but John wasn’t finished yet, he gave a friend of his a clipboard, pen, and three pieces of paper to get people to sign in order to vote for John, and by the time it had got to me, one of the pages was already filled all the way, John was aiming to get five hundred signatures and he already had one hundred signatures.

For the next couple of days, maybe weeks, John had been trying to give another speech at lunch, but every time he’s been hungry and hasn’t since.

His plan was simply that we didn’t need a President, Vice President, Historian, etc, etc, all we needed was one Supreme Leader running all of Skyline. Let’s hear your opinion, would you vote for John and would you want a Supreme Leader of Skyline High School?