The Origins of Eggs and Bunnies on Easter


Easter. We all enjoy Easter, or even bits of Easter, whether it’s the chocolate, other candies, or the Easter egg hunts, either way, we enjoy Easter. We do this as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. One thing I bet some of you have been wondering is, why do we celebrate Easter with eggs and bunnies or rabbits? Today I am gonna tell you the origin of why we have eggs and bunnies on Easter, what they represent and symbolize.

The big reason why we celebrate Easter with eggs and bunnies is because since ancient times, eggs and rabbits have been a symbol of fertility, while spring has been a symbol of rebirth. So even though rabbits don’t lay eggs, the association of these symbols was almost natural. The Easter bunny and Easter eggs originated as pagan symbols of spring and rebirth, and Jesus was born in the spring, April 6th, and he was crucified and was risen/resurrected.

So the reason why we do it is because bunnies and eggs are a symbol of birth, and we celebrate Easter in spring and spring is a symbol of rebirth, so it all symbolizes Jesus being risen from the grave, having his spirit go back in his body, and having eternal life. They represent the hope that we don’t have to be afraid of what’s after this life because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, because of what he went through, bleeding from every pore, suffering everything in the garden of Gethsemane, being crucified, and being resurrected.

Whether you’re religious or not we love Easter because of the candy and what not, but when you think of what we celebrate on Easter and what the eggs and the bunnies represent, you can find something joyful and hopeful. Hope for a better tomorrow and to remember why we all are here in the first place and why we all will be saved in the last days.