Skyline’s Spring Activities

kali J, reporter

As the month of March progressed into Spring break, the teachers took part in “Nine at 9,” which were daily activities taking place at nine every morning. On Monday, teachers raced to the cafeteria to pop balloons and find the one with the special card. Tuesday, there were over a hundred paper flip flops in the cafeteria that teachers had to race to find the “special” one. Wednesday, there was a beach ball placed in all of the main hallways that the teachers had to race to find, and take to the office. Thursday, Teacher had to send in a selfie with five students at the beach in their classroom. Lastly, on Friday, teachers had to record themselves introducing a student using a dad joke. Even one of the teachers who wasn’t present in class, sent in a video for this last event. The majority of the teachers participated in these events. Although the teachers with a competitive side enjoyed it more, those who did play enjoyed it and had a lot of fun playing. 

As we approach Easter, one of the teachers will have to dress as the Easter Bunny on Friday, April 2nd. The teacher will be determined by the students, who get to “vote”. Each student was given a paper peep, which they taped to one of the teachers door, specifically the teacher they wanted to see dressed up. There were also paper pees available at the office for 1$ apiece, these special peeps counted as 10 votes. The winner, and the teacher in the Easter Bunny suit, with over 3,000 peeps, was Mr. Tilley! At our school, when spring approaches we do many fun activities for the students and faculty for encouragement to keep going and working hard for the rest of the school year!