Jack O’Grady is Pro!!!


Felix Alvarez

Jack O’Grady is pro for Pass~Port Skateboards. He first appeared for Pass~Port skateboards “Kitsch” Video he was featured for  five of the 40 minute video. He then appeared on the “2019 AM Scramble” video which takes a look at the upcoming ameteur skaters. The part premiered in February of 2020 and got Jack O’Grady a Thrasher Magazine cover for March 2020 

The Australian concrete destroyer dropped a part for Pass~Port skateboards and at the premiere of the Video he was announced pro and presented his two boards. The first of his two pro boards is a gear shifter with an 8 ball handle on it. The second of his pro boards was a cartoon drawing of his head getting squished by a C clamp. At the premiere party he was also gifted a gear shifter with an 8 ball handle set in resin. His most recent part features him tearing up the streets of Sydney, Australia . The five minute part has “My City of Sydney” by Xl Capris and “Individuality” by Siglo XX playing over it. Some top tricks that caught my attention were: Back Boardslide down a 12 stair rail with a kink in the rail causing it to change directions. His back 180 nosegrind down an 8 stair which he somehow rolled away regular from. He threw a frontside 360 over a construction drum using a piece of wood and pile of gravel. His ender for this part was a back 50-50 grind down a 9 stair rail to gap to another 50-50 down another 9 stair, this trick got him another Thrasher Magazine back cover photo for the month of March. This man tears up any spot in his path and I can’t wait to see what else he can do.