Skyline changes important aspects of our schedule

Lesley Moreno, Reporter

The Idaho Falls Board of Trustees reviewed local conditions following changes to the D91 COVID-19 operational plan. The changes took place on March 5, 2021, as of that week we are now back to school five days a week. Teachers are not assigning many “Friday” assignments anymore and are now using that day for tests and catch up days. A new tardy policy which limits the amount of tardies allowed in a Tri, if you are late 1-3 times they give you a warning, if you are late 4-5 times they call your parents, and if you are late 6 or more times you get lunch detention. Late start was moved to Fridays; school starts at 9:30 which gives students an extra hour to sleep or get ready. Many students have been giving positive feedback on the late starts but wish we didn’t have school at all; like all students in history. As of right now masks are still mandatory in classrooms, offices, and common areas as long as social distancing is not possible, and you are not eating.
The school did give students a five minute passing period, so making it to class on time shouldn’t be that hard. This also gives students and teachers more time to use the restroom and visit friends in the hallways. Another rule is no leaving class ten minutes after class starts, and no leaving class 10 min before class gets out. This limits kids going to the restroom or causing ruckus in the halls when teachers are still trying to teach.