Short Story Part 2

Aubriella did as the note said and went to the stables. She found the next clue and said, “It’s late, go back to your room dear and pack a bag that will keep you for a while then go back to sleep. Speak to you in the morning my lady.” After packing she then went back to sleep. She slept like a baby with the knowledge that they will soon be reunited.  She  woke early the next morning so she could leave without being seen. She sneaked a horse out of the stable, being there made her feel excited remembering the adventures of the past day. Then she left, following a little map hidden with the latest clue. As she starts her journey she feels weird, yes she loves Lucas and is very excited to see him but she doesn’t know what is in store for her and she worries.  She worries of what her parents will do and especially how they will feel but in the moment what she is doing is important and she knows they will forgive her…eventually. 

Her first stop was unexpected. It was soon past town where she was stopped by a young lady. 

“Are you Aubriella?”, the young girl said.

“Yes dear I am, and who are you?”

“Well I’m Emma and I know Lucas..a-”.

“You know Lucas?”

“Yes I do he is my big brother’s friend and he told me that a pretty girl would be riding down this road today and to give this to her.”

“Oh thank you dear! Goodbye now I must get going”.

It’s the next clue she thought to herself. She just met one of his friends, this must mean she is close! She reads the clue. It says, “I see you have met Emma, wonderful, you are close to me my dear. I want you to keep following that map, you may not want to, but it adds to the fun, I’ll see you soon my love.” She looks at the map in disbelief it wants her to go through two more towns past him.