Short Story part one

Aubriella woke up early because of a nightmare  in the terror she was at the river when she tripped and fell in the river she was sinking because she has an anchor on her ankle and she had no one to save her, when she woke she was crying, she went to get a glass of water to hopefully make her feel better. When she had gotten the water she went back to her room and started drawing in her sketch book. She just started drawing with no image in her head and when she stopped she realized she had drawn lucas, but not as a child as what she imagines him looking like now. She wondered if the drawing was accurate. She turned the page to draw some more when a note fell out of the pages. She opened it and within  the words was a clue, it said, “were do we dance my love?”. 

She couldn’t believe her eyes, it was him it had to be who else could it be? It was a scavenger hunt, a scavenger hunt that Lucas had put together for her. She thinks and what the hint said and decides that it must be the river, still a little afraid from the dream she walks to the river. She looks around but cant find anything until she looks under a log that they used to sit on together when she would draw and he would write.  Under the log was another note it said, “Hello love! I hope you’ve been well, yes you are right its me but who could “me” be? If you want to find out continue this journey and go to where the horses are kept”.