Back to Blue Schedule

Joey Provencio, Comic Illustrator

Going into the 2020-2021 school year, everybody knew there was gonna be some amount of difference compared to starting the previous year. 2019-2020 could be considered somewhat of a weird transition year, to put it even close to lightly. I’m not gonna go into detail about what happened because I’m sure it’s deeply ingrained into everyone’s hippocampus no matter how much they can try to forget.

This school year started out where we are now. Blue phase, meaning Monday through Thursday is in-school learning, and Friday is at-home learning. Somewhere around September/November we went into yellow schedule, called the “hybrid” schedule. This meant that students came in on different days, depending on their last name. Some kids came in on Monday and Wednesday, and others came in Tuesday and Thursday. Friday was online learning for everybody, like it has been. To accommodate the new learning at home setup, schools distributed Chromebooks out to students towards the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Yellow schedule continued up until Christmas Break. When students returned at the beginning of 2021, the board decided to return to blue phase. There have been mixed responses from students. Preferences ultimately came from each student’s situation.