Morrison’s Menu- Pizza flavored wings


Photo Credit: Buffalo Wild Wings

Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor

The last thing that you would ever expect to see on a wing menu would be pizza flavored wings, now it isn’t a secret that I don’t really do spicy food so going to buffalo wild wings for the menu of the month wasn’t my first choice, however I felt myself intrigued and curious of these pizza flavored wings. So I made it a point to go with some friends and we picked up three big sets of wings; Honey BBQ which is my favorite, Buffalo which I was very much not a fan of, and the pizza wings. 

Now, I am always into trying foods that taste like other foods in reason, and I was expecting to get the pizza flavor. Not exactly, but rather close. And honestly I wasn’t that impressed, I had a total of 3 whole bone-in wings and was very disappointed. They tasted like pizza, but a very basic artificial pizza taste. But then it had a weird blend of italian seasoning and a sucker punch of spicy flavor. Now I have heard both good and bad things about the wings from everyone there that also tried them, so I don’t know whether it’s just that I don’t do heat so I didn’t enjoy the flavors and spice together(which the others at the table that also didn’t like spicy food agreed with me) or whether it was just bad wings. But the fact was that the others that did enjoy spicy food said that they weren’t bad or great, they were “alright” and “okay” in quality. 

Now, I am in a strange predicament. One half of the group says the wings are bad and the other half say they are “alright” so how do I rate the pizza wings themself? I am going to go with my better judgement and rate everything that I had that night to make it fair. 


The fries were 8/10, they were good but a bit too salty for my taste. 

The Honey BBQ wings were 10/10, this is absolutely biased because they are just too good. 

The Buffalo wings had a good buffalo flavor, until the spice kicked in and I almost threw up so for that they rank a 6/10 OR  9/10 if you can handle spice. 


And Finally the pizza wings, I’m going to personally rank them a 4/10, however this is just what I ranked them as. So if you want to try them out I fully recommend that you do, the whole meal split 5 ways only set me back about $24 with drink prices included. That’s it for this month so if you have any food suggestions make sure to leave a comment or email me at [email protected] and remember, feed your cravings!