Is 45 minutes long enough for lunch?

Lesley Moreno, Reporter

Everyday extreme traffic, icy roads, and lunch rush has caused students to be late or absent to 4th hour. Students drive recklessly, don’t get lunch, or just don’t have enough time to eat everyday.
Students around the US die all the time due to driving recklessly. According to “ One research effort shows teens are most likely to crash during three different times of the day: the hour before school, the hour after school, and lunchtime.”
An anonymous student at skyline says “ Lunch just simply is not long enough, by the time I get to the line from leaving 3rd Hr I literally have 10 minutes to eat my lunch.”
A poll on skylinenewss instagram, which asked students about lunch time, revealed 84% of students agreed with lunch not being long enough and the other 16% said it was long enough.
according to “ studies have shown that providing more time for lunch is associated with the following: increased consumption of food and key nutrients. Increased selection/consumption of fruit and vegetables”