New apple Products!

Ashlyn Thomas, Reporter

Are you an iPhone user? Well, you’re in luck. Apple is stepping up their game in 2020 with the newest and fastest phone on the new market. Apple has finally introduced the iPhone 12, which now provides 5G and an A14 Bionic which is the fastest chip in any smartphone on the market currently. Apple has always come out with the nicest looking products with fantastic quality, and now with 5G, the whole game has been changed for them. Their servers are faster and more reliable on the go. 

The iPhone 12 has 3 different versions, the iPhone mini, iPhone 12 pro, and pro max which comes in 5 different colors. The phones themselves are 11% thinner, 15% smaller, and 16% lighter than any of their recent models. The phone is water resistant, and is covered in ceramic shield which is the toughest of class in any smartphone. The ultra wide camera, which was introduced in the iphone 11 model, the camera now has night mode! The 12 pro, brings in 27% more light when using night mode and now is the first camera to ever record in Dolby vision!! 

Now, this is such a sheek looking phone, but the phones are mag proof and with that said, it makes wireless charging beyond wonderful. The phone’s magnetic connection aligns the phone and battery perfectly. In shorter words, the iPhone has stepped up their game and anyone who chooses to own this phone, will not be disappointed!