Aubriellas and lucas Backstory

The backstory of my soon to be coming fiction short story


Aubriella was a 14 year old girl when she lost her best friend. His name was Lucas and he was the most adventurous person she had ever been acquainted with. They had met when they were just children, they would run off during family balls and explore the garden. He had made Aubriellas life so fun and they would have the best times together, riding horses together, doing archers together, and going on fun little scavenger hunts he would plan to give her little gifts. But her parents didn’t like that. 

It was a warm summer night the day after Lucas’ 15th birthday. She and Lucas had been over by the river late at night talking and dancing together when she saw her dad. He had gotten up and decided to check up on her and she wasn’t there. They then told them everything they were mad about because she was being reckless and not lady like they then banned Aubriella from ever seeing Lucas ever again. She had lost full contact with him after he was sent away from his manor to live with the hopes it would help him forget about her. It definitely didn’t work.

 He never stopped thinking about her. Though she thought he had no care left for her. He would write her letters that would never be sent and sing songs to himself that reminded him of her. On her birthday every year he would bake and cake never to be eaten by her but it made him feel better knowing he was still celebrating. He never stopped thinking about her, neither did she. Every day she would sneak off and go to the river and most of the time she would dance by herself wishing she could be dancing with him and she would draw him pictures she hoped she could give to him one day, he had always appreciated her artwork the most. One day Lucas was writing her a letter. He had an idea and idea that would change his future forever and at that same moment Aubriella was wishing she could just leave and go find him.