Christmas Origins

Felix Alvarez

Everybody is at least a little excited for Christmas. Whether it be openin the presents, looking to see if Santa came and ate and drank the milk and cookies, or waiting under the mistletoe for someone special. We have all these traditions but do you know where they come from? 


Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated by christians and many non christians. For Christians Christmas is believed to be the birthday of Jesus Christ. The first known time Christmas was celebrated was with constantine and the Roman Empire. Christmas got its name from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service, which is sometimes called Communion is where Christians remember that Jesus died for their sins and then came back to life. Although It’s a christian holiday it’s celebrated by many non-Christians. It gained popularity among many because of the festivities and traditions that are done.


Traditions are a very important part of Christmas. One of the biggest traditions is Santa Claus. Also known as saint Nicholas in the Christian faith he was a jolly man who went giving gifts to those in poverty or in need of help. Another big part is presents given to one another. The reason we give presents is because of the three wise men that brought presents to Jesus when he was born. The Christmas tree originated in 16th century Germany where they used it to symbolize the Garden of Eden. The tradition of stockings comes from a story of Saint Nick dropping gold into the chimney of a poor family and then landing in three little girls’ stockings.