New years resolutions

Ashlyn Thomas


New Year’s is one of the most celebrated holidays. It’s a time to spend with friends and family to welcome in the new year and let last year go.  We see it as an opportunity to start new, fresh beginnings. One of the most common sayings referring to the new year is, “New Year, new me.” I actually think it’s a great saying, and that the new year coming is such an encouragement for so many people. It’s a time of self-change and bettering yourself on your terms with the support of your loved ones. 

Everyone has their own resolution but some of the most frequent ones you hear are to lose weight, learn a new hobby, get more organized, etc. These little goals end up making all of the difference to someone who wishes to change their whole life and mindset. Little changes make big differences. I believe that’s why people take part in the New Year’s so heavily; they want to make positive changes in their lives for themselves and their families. They want to let go of all the bad things that happened in the previous year and learn to better themselves and their situations. They want to grow, which is what the new year is all about. 

New year’s is also considered to be a milestone. We have all made it another year, another 365 days, and now we start a whole new year with all new goals and opportunities.  

In conclusion, new year’s   resolutions are inspiring and full of new opportunities and maybe even a whole new way of living and a new and improved version of yourself. Its a time for positive changes and life improvements.