The life of a quaran-teen

Ashlyn Thomas, Reporter

Do you enjoy getting up and motivated for school everyday? Obviously most of us don’t, but once we get to school and our day gets started, we all tend to enjoy it. We get to socialize with our friends and be out of our houses and be productive with our days, but it’s all fun and games until something serious happens and that opportunity is taken away from us teens. School itself can be rough at times, but when you’re able to attend school face to face, you’re granted more one on one help and a more of a sense of direction, but when it’s all moved too online, some students aren’t receiving the amount of help they need and less direction on what to do or where to go. Most students aren’t self motivated as is, but committing to do online work in the comfort of our own homes with all sorts of the distractions, it becomes pretty difficult for most, even myself who was put into quarantine, I had the hardest time motivating myself to commit to staying focused on my work with the distraction of my phone and tv and even family members. There are also many students who excel in online work, some who are self motivated and get their work done, but we all still want to be able to go to school everyday and be able to socialize with our friends. Even teachers want to be able to go to work, teach, and socialize as well. We all want our normal lives back before quarantine, and we all are very ready to go back to normal.  All the craziness of quarantine isn’t just stressful for us teens, it’s stressful for parents and teachers as well.