Morrison’s Menu: La Carreta

Mexican food, taco truck. What could go wrong?


Morrison Jones-Thiede, Reporter/Page Editor

It was a highly requested visit by my buddy Tony, who always comes with me on my food adventures, and showed me where it was. We pulled up and I saw a converted school bus just sitting there. I was fully expecting to just walk up, place my order, then wait for my food and dip out. I was so very wrong, as the front half of the bus was fully converted into a sit down dining area; fit with plants, a cool aesthetic and a flatscreen playing shows from my childhood.  

The cook, and what I assumed to be the owner, was very nice and helpful when I realized all I know about Mexican food is Taco Bell and my absolute favorite, carne asada tacos. I ordered the Macho Burrito, and a singular taco. The price was a little under $12, so my expectations were low. As I sat and watched my food being made I saw exactly what I had ordered: a massive burrito packed with beef, beans, seasoned rice and massive amounts of cheese. I couldn’t believe the size of what I had gotten for so little! 

I sat and ate the food and I will be straight forward in saying that I am not a “spice guy,” but it was the perfect level of heat for me. The burrito was in a very flexible and moist tortilla, and I mean that in the best way possible. It was actually thick and had some chew and flavor to it compared to the store-bought kind that lacks flavor and seems to rip and tear with the slightest poke. The beef and rice paired beautifully with the sauce and sour cream that came with it. The taco was also very enjoyable and very basic, but with flavorful carne asada with onions and cilantro and a perfect warm corn tortilla for a cold day. I’m hungry just thinking about it! 

By the time I had finished everything I was very full and was met with a friendly goodbye and invitation to come back. As for my recommendation, I watched my food made and everything was assembled beautifully and surprisingly quickly, considering being made from basically scratch. However, when it was about to get the finishing touches, I watched them microwave the burrito to I think melt the topping cheese or possibly finish heating up the burrito? Which is confusing to me because I watched it get made on a grill top and the burrito didn’t have a microwave taste or cold spots. I did enjoy the atmosphere and food. Out of 10 forks I give it a 9 (Highly Recommend Them!) If you have any food suggestions make sure to leave a comment or email me at [email protected] and remember, feed your cravings!