Among Us

Anya Melendez, Reporter

The new game that is sweeping the nation, isn’t as new as you think. Among Us has found national popularity, currently in 2020. Its original release date was June 15th, 2018. What took two years to grasp everyone’s attention, and what has caused everyone to become addicted to this game? Is it jumping through vents, debating against others and voting people out? Or is it the backstabbing, logical plays, and manipulation that gets everyone to constantly play? 


To summarize the base game, having up to 10 players, who  are all astronauts on a spaceship. Everyone is assigned tasks, and you try to complete them to win. Within the crewmates, you have hidden imposters (1-3). Their goal is to kill, sabotage, and not get caught. The crewmates try to complete these tasks without being killed. Being a teamwork based game you have to do your part to win, or catch and vote off the killers.


As mentioned, the game was released on June 15, 2018, from the company named Innersloth. When researching online, you get introduced to their team of three. Starting off with Forest W., the programmer/recluse, is also the one who handles the business-end of the company as well. Next, you are introduced to Marcus B., the animator, artist, and game designer. The last team member you meet is Amy L., an artist and task-doer for everything else that needs to be completed. These are the important people who invented this addictive game.


With Among Us just barely breaking the internet this year, the creators decided to cancel Among Us 2, in order to help improve and update the original game. With rumors about the new updates, the Innersloth team has released some important information. The game is upgrading lobby space to let in 12-15 players to join a round at once. Letting the game  have now three imposters, instead of two. They are adding new game modes that verify different difficulties. Also, in a super interesting turn, they will be putting the world-wide famous game on consoles such as Xbox and Playstation, making the game  more video game-related rather than a mobile game. These changes could be very drastic for the game, but they are still up in the air for now. These are just sneak peeks of what could possibly be the new and improved Among Us