Students of Skyline

Tatiana Zamora , reporter

As the new linebacker on Skyline’s football team, Emmanuel Hernandez has highly impacted our performance. Coach Scott Berger explains, “He’s not only been a positive influence on the team but has been a good teammate overall; his efforts are outstanding and he has high speed.” Just like in almost every sport, team skills are highly important, admirable, and influential. Furthermore, Emmanuel already has six continuous years of experience with football and says, “From the start I always felt a connection to football, I find satisfaction in knowing that I gave it my all regardless of whether or not we win.” Showing that he’s determined to have the feeling of accomplishment. He also explains how his experience as a football player here at Skyline has been great, very different from what he’s used to. All the way from our abundant amount of team spirit to the form of conducting practices. Onward, he seems to get along with his teammates and he explains how he notices the amount of chemistry the players have for not only the game but for each other. Apart from his introduction to the football team, as a new student, I welcome him to Skyline as well.