Meet Doggface208

Graciela Rivas, Writer

Meet Nathan Apodaca also known as Dogface208. Nathan became famous for riding a skateboard and drinking Cranberry juice lip syncing to the song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Dogface208 is 37 and works in a potato warehouse in Idaho. When interviews came rolling in from numerous people he went to his boss, his boss supported him becoming an influencer. He bought an embroidery machine and started making beanies and making a lot of money doing that. Before tik tok, On Musically he went by @420doggface208, when musically became tik tok he changed it to just @doggface208. When his daughters started doing tik tok dances he was surprised by how easy it was to do the trending dances, And decided to make one with his daughters. They were surprised at how easily he figured out how to do the trends. When He started to go viral he didn’t know if he should stop or to keep going his daughter changed his mind. Now Nathan Apodaca is going all around the world and is making a lot of money but he doesn’t wanna change who he is and fit in with people he wants to be who he is and keep dancing and doing whatever he wants. He making a lot of money but doesn’t want to use it on himself he wants to do good and help others before he helps others out.