Brixton Gilbert


Felix Alvarez

Brixton Gilbert is a senior here at Skyline. He plays on the Skyline varsity football team as a defensive tackle. When asked about how he felt during the Emotion Bowl Gilbert said, “I felt great, It was kinda sad because it was my last one but it’s always a different environment with all the people and it being a rival game.” He says the plan is to make it to state and that the team is well on their way. Skyline is 8-1 win to lose with one loss against Rigby. With their first playoff game being on October 30th against Twin Falls. Gilbert tore his MCL, ACL, and meniscus during a game against thunder. This requires surgery and the recovery is 6 months to a year. However When asked Why he still plays he says “When I thought about how long I’ve been playing football and how it all led up to this season I couldn’t not play”. He will have surgery immediately after the season. His favorite class is English with Mrs. Saxton because he gets to read about history, along with other things he usually doesn’t get to read about. As for his plans for after high school, he wants to go to college but has not decided where.