The Life of Berger


Zitlali M

Scott Berger is a U.S. History and Economics teacher here at Skyline High School. Berger has been at Skyline since my mom and my aunt went to Skyline“ I started in 1984. I have been at Skyline since 1990.” he said when I asked how long he was a teacher. Mr. Berger is also the Skyline football coach, and he also coached for a while. “This is my 38th season,” he added. Berger can’t just pick between teaching or coaching he said, “I enjoy both my teaching and my coaching. I like to be around young people and have an impact on their lives.” On October 16, 2020, there was the big game against IF, The Emotion Bowl. “I love playing Idaho Falls H.S., we have defeated them seven straight times and nine of the last ten.” He said. Wow, the football team defeated IF so many times. Berger must enjoy football very much, he even played when he was younger. “I came here to Idaho State University from Minneapolis, Minnesota to go to school and play football.  I was a linebacker and we won the National Championship in 1981.” Berger said. Besides football and teaching, Berger has other things he likes to do, saying, “I like to be with my wife, my two children and my three grandchildren.” It’s very sweet that Berger enjoys his free time with his family.