Both Sides of the Line

Our 2020 Elections

Anya Melendez, Reporter

America is in shambles, what do we do? The 2020 elections are coming up and the U.S is torn. As the presidential candidates fight for America’s votes, controversy with current issues become questionable. Seeming as the year 2020 has put everyone through the ringer, we ask   ourselves: is mercury in retrograde, or is this chaos released by this four year mark?  Could this “Election Infection” bring out the best of the candidates or could it make the next presidency harder than it’s ever been?


2020 has been the year of bringing love, hate, and different types of fear. Many hoped that this would be their 12 months of change, but nobody expected the pandemonium ahead. Starting off with the destruction of Australian fires, followed by the tragic death of the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant. Which then led to the start of the national emergency, a deadly global pandemic, resulting in everyone having to undergo quarantine. Next is the unfortunate death of a 26 year-old African American woman, Breonna Taylor. Her death, with many others, including Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd became the final straw for those facing social injustice. This started the beginning of major protests worldwide for the arrest of those guilty and the fight for equality for all. This was just the beginning with many terrors to come. Is this due to unfortunate circumstances or the fact that it is an election year?  Many wouldn’t know, but it has affected us all.


Our current president, Donald Trump, is running for re-election. It’s in question if he will be able to handle another four years before the nation’s madness takes a bigger toll on him. Running the country for one presidential term, he has made a big impact on our country for providing different things. He has offered us protection from terrorists which was held by the Supreme Court, held the lowest rate of unemployment for Americans who didn’t have a high school diploma, and created 4 million jobs since the last election. Many say he has done a good job and want him re-elected for the next term.


Trump’s main competitor, Joe Biden has gained coverage on offering America just as much. Biden wants to reform tax policies, making everyone obligated to pay their fair share. He will succeed in this by raising corporate taxes, expanding child tax credit, and equalizing benefit plans . He has also stated that he wants to advance racial equality to help recover our nation by providing reformed opportunity zones.  Those who work will be fairly covered while also providing diversity and accountability. He also wants to uphold women and give them the same opportunity as men, such as in income, education and safety. His interests seem to be that he wants to level the playing field for all of those who have struggled, heightening major interest in him by the public for America’s next possible president.  


With this being one of the biggest debates, we await for the day to come. Who will you choose? Who will lead the U.S and hopefully make it better than it was before? Donald Trump and Joe Biden have different things to offer, benefitting different people. The choice is yours and voting is right around the corner. Let’s see who will be the new 2020 president.