New Principal at Skyline

Joshua Newell

Graciela Rivas

The question we all want to know is, why did he choose to come to Skyline? He told us that he loves Skyline because it is a feeder school and is overall an amazing school. Before Skyline, he was an administrator at A.H. Bush for 4 years before that he taught in Maui, Hawaii for 10 years. All in all, he has taught for 16 years. He loves to teach but he likes being an administrator more. “As a teacher, I can inspire and help the kids that come into my classroom but as an administrator, I can help and inspire everyone at the school.”– Joshua Newell. Mr. Newell had a rough childhood his family struggled. He grew up thinking someone poor couldn’t grow up to have a great stable job but one of his teachers, Mr.Mcdougal, inspired him that he could grow up to be whatever he wanted to be. Mr. Newell has been married for 22 years he has 3 daughters, aged a  10-year-old an , 8-year-old and a 6-year-old. When Mr. Newell was younger he was full of school spirit. After he grew up, he started coaching high school football and started teaching. If he wasn’t a teacher he would build furniture. another question  I asked our new principal, was “would you be making any big changes?He doesn’t want to change anything and looks forward to settling in here at Skyline.