Meet The Staff: Tatiana Zamora


Emili Currey, Editor In Chief 2020-2021

Tatiana Zamora is a fifteen year old sophomore here at skyline high school, this is her first trimester being a part of The West Side Story. Tatiana was born August 2, 2005 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Her favorite genre of story to write about are concerning matters of society. Tatiana´s hobbies are playing volleyball and running track, her favorite events are long jump and some sprinting events. Tantiana loves to travel ¨traveling is like my favorite thing¨, her favorite place she has traveled so far is Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Tatiana has a huge family, this includes 10 half siblings, and her mom and dad. One of Tatiana’s favorite TV Show is One Tree Hill, she likes how she can relate to the characters and their stories. In her free time Tatiana loves to draw especially things she can relate to, ¨ït has more of an emotional tie to it¨. Tatiana and her boyfriend love to go on drives, they sometimes drive up to the hill and watch the sunset. ¨we either spend time with his family or my family, it’s mostly my family¨, her parents like him because they’ve known each other since they were younger so they never went through that awkward situation. 

Her experience at skyline so far has been pretty good ¨it’s not very different¨, now it’s different she says. ¨So far it hasn’t been bad¨, she likes that there is a lot of diversity.