Skate Review: Antihero’s “Quantinium” Video

Felix Alvarez

Antihero skateboards present a new part to us titled “Quantinium”. This part is an absolute banger. The skaters in this video include Chris Pfanner and Daan Van Der Linden and the rest of the Antihero crew skating anything in there path. If there’s one thing about Chris Pfanner that is inhuman is the grinds he can do. The first grind we see from him is a front smith on a kinked handrail with a roll away on bolts. Next we see massive pop from him as he ollies a rough 9 feet across and a solidfour feet high over a grass patch with a tree stump. Daan Van Der Linden has the potential to go soty if he just made some parts and this video shows it. He pops a wallride down a fifteen set pops off the wall and clears the last five steps. And if that doesn’t impress you he then nollies over a twenty stair handrail to flat. For Pfanner’s ender he 50-50s 25 stair hand rail and celebrates with his son who had seen the whole thing.