Madyson Goodson

Kenadie Goodson

Madyson Goodson is a Senior here at Skyline High School and is the second of five and the first girl. Mady is the second one to graduate from Skyline. Mady graduates at 17 on May 27 and then turns 18 the next day on May 28th. She has been attending schools in D91 since 8th grade where she attended Eagle Rock Middle School prior to Skyline. Some words used to describe Mady are flexible, unique, determined, tough, and a role model. She is very comforting and she always knows what to say to make someone feel better.

Mady has a passion for dance. She has been dancing since she was about 4 years olds. She started at Express Yourself Studio under the direction of  Miss Tanya, due to the closure of this studio she went to Dance Tech Academy where she has been a student for going on 12 years. She has been a student teacher at her studio Dance Tech Academy for 2 years, teaching the littles or as she would say her littles. Madys Jazz teacher, Sydney describes Madys dancing as powerful which is what she likes about Mady’s dancing meaning it comes to her naturally like she was born to dance. She likes teaching Mady because she is a hard worker, applies the corrections she is given, and is always giving it her all. Mady is on the Senior Impact Company which is the top competitive team. After dancing with Dance Tech for many dance seasons she is sad to say goodbye to her dance family and her students.

There is so much more to Mady than just being a dancer. When Mady is not on the dance floor or at a competition you could find her in the dirt, fishing, being outdoors, hanging with her friends, working on cars with our dad, or up at our grandparents ridge in Island Park. One of the best qualities that Mady has is she will always be one of the first to stand up for her family and friends. Mady does not care what other people have to say about her, or what others think, Mady is Mady and that is all that matters to her.

Mady is attending Dixie State University in the fall on a scholarship from dance but has not yet confirmed her major but has thoughts of forensic science and sports medicine. One thing she knows for sure is she will continue dancing throughout college with hopes of coming back to her hometown of Idaho Falls and teach at Dance Tech Academy as a certified Instructor, which takes a minimum of two years. Everyone who knows her knows Dixie is one lucky school and Mady will be missed by her family, friends and her dance studio family.