How as Covid-19 Impacted Me

Kenadie Goodson

This pandemic has effected everyone differently. For some people they have been laid off and others have been able to continue to work. Within my family we now only have the one income because my mom has been laid off since March 23rd. This has been really hard on my family because we have ran into a financial burden, during this times unemployment is supposed to be paying and they are not.

Out of caution Governor Little canceled the 4th July Parade. With the parade being canceled this has effected me because I can’t be with my friends at school and now I can’t even do the one thing I’m passionate about matching band. This puts a damper on the marching band because now when we go back for band camp we have to back up and teach the rookies how to roll step which is something they would learn during parade practice. The pandemic has truly ruined my summer, I have been in the parade since my 2nd grade year due to girl scouts then marching band.

I believe this pandemic has been taken to far and to many people are over reacting and going above and beyond what could have happened. The death percentage is lower than the death percentage for the flu bug in 2019.