Skate 3

Felix Alvarez

With being couped up in quarantine it gets boring playing the same game for hours. Might I recommend a game that is a lot of fun? Skate three is the third installment for the skate series. It came out in 2010 on Xbox 360 and ps3 and can be played on Xbox One.  Skate 3 is one of many skate games most other skate games are part of the tony hawk skate games. The game takes place in a made-up town of port Carverton split into three districts: University, downtown and industrial with skateparks, bowls and street spots. This game has a story mode where you own a skate company and do challenges to sell boards. The more boards you sell the more gear you get. Gear includes skate shoe brands and other brands that sell skate stuff. The online feature of this game is you can play with friends and see the skateparks that other players have built. You can build your own skateparks for others to skate.