How COVID-19 Affected me


Emili Currey, Editor In Chief 2020-2021

Covid-19 has impacted people globally, people have lost jobs and have lost loved ones. My story isn’t this drastic or sad. When this whole thing started schools were closing and I thought to myself what could be so bad that schools had to close, but I was ready for school to end anyway. My father is a truck driver and drives through all 48 states, even though he usually stays on the west side. He risks his time with his family and his safety to continue to deliver important supplies. He’s gone for weeks on end and is only home for a few days. These are things that all families with truck driver dads have to sacrifice.

Since around December of 2019 i have been waiting and working hard to be accepted into a marine leadership program called SLCDA, i found out in March that i would be going and received a certificate and was in the newspaper. I was so excited! I began to research all the other kids who would be attending as well and we became friends and formed bonds. We even referred to us as a family, brought together by the marines. But when the Marine Corps posted a notice that they would be cancelling the program due to the CoronaVirus i was heartbroken. All that hard work to not go. We were all given two Marine Corps shirts and a certificate of completion, it’s not the same.

Many people are going through things that are way worse than what i’m feeling now, i live in Idaho Falls. I can still go outside and go get coffee if I want. Some people can’t even leave their house. Some people are caring after grandparents or infants who have weak immune systems. I will get by without going to Virginia for a Marine program but some people won’t get by with what they are doing. Those are the people we need to look out for.