Tunes of the 10’s: Music of the Decade


Eli Sorensen, Senior Design Editor

As the decade began in 2010, Robyn’s “Body Talk” album not only ushered in a brand new era of synth pop that would define the next ten years of music—the acclaimed LP also sparked the widespread adoption of the “poptimism” movement. Poptisim, though first developed in 2004, is a discourse which argues that pop music is worthy of the same critical respect and interest as other genres. “Body Talk” was the first of many pop albums to garner more broad support of the poptimist movement. Over the next nine years following its release, more established music journalists and reviewers began to hold pop music to the same standards as other genres of music. Pop artists and the industry as a whole responded, devoting more focus and production value to pop than ever before. With 2020 kicking off the next decade of music, it is important to note the influence that poptisim had and
will continue to have on the music of our time, as well as the impact it left on the last decade of music. This is a celebration of some of the best artists, songs and albums of the past ten years.