Dropping the Beat on the Band!


Photo Credit: Rylee L

some band kids having a good time in band class



Unless you play the trumpet, french horn, or percussion you have probably never been inside a band room. I went on a quest to ask the band kids of Skyline about life inside the band room and about some other aspects about bands, like the Big Jazz Band Dance and more.

Inside the band room, which is usually a decently large space, has bleachers for practicing. Over the past few days, I have walked repeatedly into the band room with one of my band friends, and I noticed that instead of practicing on the bleachers, like the common band stereotype, they set up their instruments in the classroom. There’s also shelves for music and instruments and a separate room for percussion. 

As for the atmosphere of the band, the students get along pretty well. “People in band are pretty friendly and social,” as Joseph Noyes (9) said. From what I have observed, I agree with that statement. During games, there is a lot of laughing and joking and smiling in the stands. They seem to be having a great time.

During my research, I found out that the band also has some pretty unusual habits. Most instruments have valves that collect the players’ saliva. Over time, it gets full and they have to empty it. Well, where do you think they empty it?  “They just empty it on the ground,” Matthew Moen (9) said. So I’m definity never sitting on the ground in a band room ever again. While it may seem gross and unsanitary to an outsider, they have no other option. 

Being in the band also has a lot of perks. It’s a good way to meet new people and experience new things. Also, there are a lot of events regarding the band. In addition to setting the mood at football and basketball games, there are annual trips to places like Disneyland, and some great fundraisers like the Big Jazz Band Dance, which was on Feb. 22, 2020. There are so many fun things that you can do in band and my friend agrees. “It’s actually pretty fun!” Ashyln Johnson (9) said. So if you want to join the band, just do it. There’s nothing to lose, and you might find your new favorite hobby and make some lifelong friends.