Skyline Skiers, Snowboarders Slide the Slopes

Why Skyline Skiers Love the Slope


Emili Currey and Kate Santoyo

The ground is gone, replaced with fresh snow. As your body begins to fly, the world stops. As you are about to land the jump, your mind is blank for a few seconds. Right before the snowboard hits the ground, your heart begins to drop, unsure if you’ll make it, but here you are flying. The world slowly starts to move as the broad hits. The rush of it comes back as you drift along the snow. Snowflakes begin to fall all around. This is why snowboarding and skiing are some of the most beautiful sports alive to date.

Skiing and snowboarding are sports everyone looks forward to in the winter. Once summer ends, we miss the sun, but we all know the powder is waiting for us. Living here in Idaho gives us access to a number of ski resorts. Even if we don’t have snow for the first few months of winter, we have the technology to create snow so we can ski anyway. 

Some people dislike skiing because it costs a lot or its freezing on the mountain, but the feeling of flying through that snow and the wind is out of this world. Kiano Kishiyama (10) has been skiing for about 5 to 6 years. “Skiing is euphoric it’s fun. It can be dangerous, easy, and pretty. It just depends on how you look at it. My favorite place to ski is Targhee Ski Resort. I have a favorite run there that me and my friend discovered. It’s off of The Ugly into Chief Joes and then into a pocket of trees with a bunch of jumps and through Shoshone down to the lift. It’s a good bro trip! Especially if you leave early in the morning and get first tracks. Overall, it’s an awesome sport!” He definitely waits for winter to put his boots and skis back on.

The different feelings it help you create or decimate reside in all skiers or snowboarders. ”It clears my mind when im stressed out,” Karson Miles (10) said. Snowboarding is one of those sports that  tends to take all your worries away, Hakuna Matata if you will. You don’t have to worry about what’s coming or what will happen tomorrow; it allows you to live in that moment in that second. 

Skiing and snowboarding in different places across the world is breathtaking, but Idaho tends to take the cake. “There are some really good places in Switzerland, but it’s been awhile, so I would have to say here when it comes to [the best] places for snowboarding and skiing,” Spencer Ramsey said. 

Weather is definitely a big part of the day when you decide to go skiing. When you first start skiing you just deal with what you have because you don’t know what kind of snow you like yet. Groomed or Powder? The question everyone is asked when they become a skier. It’s like the Apple or Android debate.“ right when it snows and it’s all powdery is one of the best times to go snowboarding” says Miles. Groomed snow is more for beginners who haven’t dared to go off trail and fly off jumps. It’s more of a safe place, with less risks. Skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous but it is loved.