Bradley Rubidoux

Jason Coronado, Reporter

Always good for a laugh, Bradley Rubidoux (9) is actually a focused student with a relaxed personality. His favorite classes include world history and English, but he simply endures Math. He absolutely hates it when people block up the hallway.

He attends Skyline with his brother, Angelo Anthony Jackman. They mostly get along, but he admits, “We kind of have some conflict about some chores and stuff, but not anything serious.”

Mostly family life is good, although he is a bit concerned about his cousin. “I worry about him because his parents fight a lot like verbally and physically. And he got pulled in because of how he was treated like that, and when he hits 13 he has to decide which parent he has to move in with or wants to stay with, but right now he has to deal with all the fights and drunk stuff, and it makes me really sad and stuff because he’s my cousin. He’s part of my family,” Roubidoux said.

 What do you want to do with your future? “ I want to have my own business like a CEO of a building or something like that,” Rubidoux said.  What does he like to do in his spare time? “I play video games, play a little bit of football, and I play Lacrosse. And I clean the house.”